Continuous, high-resolution imagery at scale

Earth Observation data is used across a diverse spectrum of industry applications—from remote asset and environmental monitoring for compliance, disaster response, and conservation to national security programs such as border monitoring, food security, and resource management.


Satellogic delivers actionable information to satisfy national security objectives. Our end-to-end solutions enhance security related decisions to meet today’s demands and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges by enabling:

  • Space Tactical ISR
  • Feature Extraction and Change
  • Detection Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Border Control
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Situational Damage Assessment
  • Key Site Analysis
  • Support for policy, operations, and mission planning

Border Control and Maritime Domain Surveillance

Leveraging our versatile constellation of high-resolution satellites with diverse capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to monitor areas of geopolitical significance especially along contentious borders and coastlines.

  • Monitor both at-risk and high-interest border areas and coastline
  • Track port activity and progress of border infrastructure projects
  • Identify “unofficial” border crossings and areas of illegal or suspicious maritime activities that emerge as the result of conflict or natural disasters
  • Mobilize resources sooner with near real-time situational awareness

Civilian, State, and Local

From active disaster monitoring and post-event assessments to remote and urban infrastructure management, Satellogic can assist in a variety of applications that impact safety, economic activity, and development. Satellogic’s high-capacity constellation provides local authorities with the resources they need to monitor, decide, and act.

Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring

High-resolution satellite imagery is a useful data source for monitoring large-scale agriculture sites and at-risk or protected environments. Satellogic can help detect and assess change for applications such as:

  • Vegetation indexing and supply chain monitoring for commodities output estimations and market intelligence (e.g., crop yields, logging, renewable energy sources, etc.)
  • Geospatial risk modeling of floods, landslides, fires as well as irrigation /water management for compliance
  • Seasonal analysis for coastal and marine hazards like algal blooms to inform commercial operators and insurance underwriting

Energy and Sustainability

Consistent, high-resolution coverage can aid in the prevention of illicit activities, enforcement of environmental regulations, and automation of asset integrity management. Satellogic enables customers to:

  • Detect suspicious activities in the proximity of valuable infrastructure
  • Track vegetation recovery and prove compliance with our change detection technologies
  • Prepare for natural or man-made events that may compromise infrastructure with geolocalized alerts